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TST Power Kit with KDP Kit

TST Power Kit
List Price: $273.00
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You Save: $28.00 (10 %)
Item Number: KDP 03 & PK
Manufacturer: TST Products, Inc


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The TST POWER KIT, added to 1994 -1998 12-valve Ram Turbo Diesels turns a great truck into a fantastic truck in about an hour. No cosmetic changes are made, but most other drivers will be seeing you differently, you'll be in front while they play catch-up. Zero to 60 mph times as well as 40 to 80 mph times can be cut in half with the addition of this simple Kit. The Kit includes everything needed to increase engine flywheel power up to 70 horsepower and 205 pound feet of torque above the stock ratings. Power and torque are increased at all engine speeds from just above idle to governor cutoff. You get the maximum power and torque EPA certified for the 6BTA5.9 Turbo Diesel. NOTE: The TST Power Kit will NOT fit pre-1994 Ram Diesels or 24-valve diesels, and is NOT sold for use on EGR equipped 1996 and later California Diesels.

TST Power Kits can be used on any Cummins 6BT5.9 or 6CT8.3 series engine equipped with the Bosch P7100 style fuel pump. On-highway kits are available to 230 horsepower and 605 lb.-ft for the 6BT; and 325 horsepower and 920 lb.-ft for the C8.3. For the C8.3, off-highway competition kits are available with up to 450 horsepower and 1000 lb.-ft for the 6BT; and 525 horsepower and 1800 lb.-ft. for the C8.3.

Thousands of power kits have been sold, with nearly all customers reporting fantastic power gains. Most Kit owners report no difference in fuel mileage. A few owners who tow heavy loads have reported the ability to tow in a higher gear, obtaining better fuel mileage. Those customers reporting ability to cruise at higher speeds often report poorer mileage. No secrets here, for a given horsepower the lower the engine speed (down to about 1500 rpm) the lower the fuel usage. Also, higher speeds require more horsepower and more horsepower means more fuel used. TST Power Kits give you much more power and torque on tap: using the torque to reduce engine speed can improve fuel mileage, using power to increase road speed will reduce mileage. Either way you have much higher performance just a pedal away.

A retired Cummins® engineer, with 36 years experience, designed the TST Power Kit for the Ram TurboDiesel. The Kit is now available to do-it-yourself TurboDiesel owners who take pride in their work and in cost-effective results. The kit includes a new fuel curve torque plate, an installation template for the torque plate, a turbo boost control that shifts boost pressure upward, installation hardware, a how-to video showing complete installation with tips, and the written instructions that include a list of tools required. Most do-it-yourself enthusiasts will have the tools required to complete installation in about an hour. No permanent changes are made to your engine, thus the engine can be converted back to stock in about an hour if you suspect the TST parts are NOT working correctly so you can troubleshoot the problem. No other aftermarket add-on offers more power or torque for your dollar

TST Power Kits complement most modifications, however Expensive Exhaust System, Injector, and Turbo changes are NOT required to obtain dramatic performance increases. TST recommends no other changes to the vehicle when using its Power Kits to take 6BT5.9 engines to 230 horsepower and 605 pound feet or C8.3 engines to 325 horsepower and 920 pound feet.

All P7100 Bosch® injection pumps (the big pump used on most '94 and newer Cummins® B and C series engines including all '94 thru '98 12-valve and pre-Jan. 1998 Dodge Rams) contain a torque plate (sometimes called a cam plate in the trade) which sets maximum fuel delivery versus RPM. TST torque plates are computer designed, fuel pump test stand developed and dynamometer tested to change the maximum fuel delivery of the stock pump to a new value that will provide the new horsepower and torque curves. Each engine power rating requires a different torque plate design to achieve the same final value, in other words the TST torque plate for a 160 horse engine is a different shape from a 175 engine, etc.

TST recommends NOT exceeding 230 HP and 605 lb.-ft. on '94/'95 Ram automatics, 250 hp and 635 lb-ft on '96/'98 Ram automatics, 270 hp and 675 lb-ft on '94/'95 manuals, or 280 hp and 685 lb-ft on '96/'98 manuals. These limits are based on clutch slippage on both automatics and manual transmission vehicles. TST torque converters, valve body kits, clutches, and transmission parts are available which raise these limits substantially.

NOTE: Does NOT work on former military vehicles

Order this package and get TST Dowel Pin Kit with your TST Power Kit.  Save $18.00.  This is a great deal for extra power and the peace of mind of dowel pin security.

TST offers a 30-day trial period on its Power Kits and guarantees the power increase or purchase price is refunded.

Click Here for Power Kit Installation Instructions

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