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TST Power Kit

TST Power Kit
List Price: $225.00
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TST has 4 power kits ($235 each mail order) that can be applied to the 8.3 6CTA engine:


Kit #         Horsepower/ Torque Above Stock

 #08            100  hp 200tq

 #06            125       250

 #05            150       300



320 horsepower and 920 torque are the maximum numbers EPA certified on these engines.


These kits do not work on the ’97 and later 300 or higher horsepower mechanical engines.  TST has no power enhancements for the ISC electronic controlled 8.3 engine.


The Power Kit can normally be installed by a first-timer in about two hours, while a couple minutes a day for the next week might be required to tweak in the best smoke settings.


TST does recomment the use of gauges.

Exhaust temperatures are normally safe with all but the highest power kit; however radiator temperatures may be a problem if the loads you pull use full power for long periods of time. TST has dyno tested many aftermarket items such as low restriction air filters and mufflers, larger exhaust systems, and has found nothing that significantly reduces exhaust manifold or piston temperatures.

TST offers a 30-day trial period on its Power Kits and guarantees the power increase or purchase price is refunded.

NOTE: Does NOT work on former military vehicles

Click Here for Power Kit Installation Instructions

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This Thing Works!
Paul (Kansas) 8/15/2015 10:57 AM
#5 plate in a 38 foot diesel pusher motor home. Before I couldn't pull my full size truck without the coach struggling on a grade or hill. With the plate installed, I cant even tell I'm pulling a tow vehicle! Mileage has increased by 2-4 mpg. Exhaust temps run about 750 on flat land,up to 1200 pulling a long grade. Pyro installed before turbo. It will run up to 35lbs of boost. This kit is well worth the money,and is very simple to install. The gentleman in tech support is tops!!!
Cannot believe the Difference
John Munro (Australia) 12/12/2014 4:21 PM
On our MF8780 we had the injector pump recoed and was very disappointed, spoke the the reconditioned and he insisted that is all you can get out of that motor. Well he is so wrong, fitted the #12 kit, (must admit was a bit sceptical) and cannot believe the difference. In a 4 tonne to the hectare crop of barley before the motor would struggle to hold 2200 rpm and you would be down to first gear on the hills.(big hills). Yesterday in the same paddock the barley crop was going around 5 tonne to the hectare and taking around 18 inches of straw, the machine was up a gear, and held 2250 rpm all day. The other thing I noticed was the motor run cooler, and seemed to use less fuel. Question. Do you have a computer upgrade for the QSL9 its set at 330 hp would like to take it to 350hp this is fitted to our MF9790. Cheers John Munro Munro Harvesting.
Charlie schiele (Western n.c.) 2/26/2011 3:06 AM
I have put 5 power kits in diff firetrucks all of them have #5 plates. Getting 35 psi And 1300 on egt on a long steep grade All the F.D. Are impressed with the truck
TST Power kit. 8.3
Mike (Michigan) 8/18/2010 2:22 PM
Works much better than sliding the stock plate. Exhaust temps were too high with slid stock plate. I bought the number eight plate. 29 lbs of boost. Exhaust temp 1150 on long pull, probe before the turbo. Pete 330 with wrecker body.