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PMCR R47 R49

PowerMaxCR with R49

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TST/ smarty stack
Brendon (Pendleton, Or) 5/16/2010 4:07 AM
I own a 2003 CR dodge. My CP3 is modded and I am runnin 150hp injectors with studs and 62/71.14 over S472 1.10 ar twins with good low pressure fueling upgrades. I have been running a smarty POD ever since I bought it and that was nice, but I felt like I needed more. I bought a TST R49 to stack with the smarty and all I can say is it has to be one of the best stacks known to man. I have my smarty on 8 with stock timing and the TST on 2/0. I have done back to back runs, running one or the other and to tell the truth I think that they were made for each other. Smarty on 8 adds makes power via extending the duration of injection events and the TST does the rest without extending the pre-injection event. Adding up to 12* of timing dynamically and fuel where the smarty tends to drop off. My mileage has gone up and my fun factor is through the roof. I can not say enough about the TST. When I have to tow I put the smarty on stock and the TST on 3/3 and the smile remains all day long.
Great product!
Sailpipes (Whidbey Island, WA) 11/26/2009 4:14 AM
I've had my PMCR for about a year and a half and love it. Delivers awesome power when you want to play, great fuel economy for road trips and runs nice and cool on the lower settings for towing.
Wake up!?!
Peter Gross (Scaly Mountain, NC) 6/4/2009 10:32 AM
All the difference in the world! Fantastic top end, you can feel it like passing gear. Wake up?!? Running this with the Smarty...the Smarty has great low end but needs the PowerMax to wake up the top end. Very easy to install. Great customer support. I just can not do without the cool down feature. Not just time but you can set the temp as well. The best and probably the most popular stack...PowerMax and Smarty. Used to have Smarty - Edge Attitude stack. Replaced Edge with PowerMax 49A...what a difference. Sold the Edge on ebay! 604 RWHP at 1165 pounds of torque.
Anonymous (Unknown) 6/14/2007 10:17 AM
I have ran the TST on two trucks now 05 Cummins and 06 Cummins. Great!! box lots of features all on the fly. I had Quadzilla and Bully Dog before this. Nothing but problems with them. So I love this box. Other than the occasional code for boost. Truck runs about 590 Degrees at 70Mph with 35's. AFe Pro 7 System, Aero Turbine Exhaust,GDP pump,GDP Fuel Filter 2 Micron, SBC Double Disk, TST 49, Procomp 35's AT, Amsoil in entire Drivline, 6spd. 23.5mpg@70mph in Colorado @ 6500' Hand calculated on Economy Setting
TST with R49
Crump (Unknown) 3/25/2007 8:15 PM
It really adds the power. Runs great with a Smarty software for optium results waiting for the new fix on the rail pressure harness. But overall the best compared to my old bullydog and quadzilla setup. Thanks
PowerMaxCR with R49
JohnKlos (Unknown) 11/13/2006 5:04 PM
Fantastic way to make my Dodge perform better, However, I am concerned about fuel mileage. Does this unit increase mileage? Thanks