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Adjustable Program: Use the up or down arrow to select the desired program: the Standard program "Stnd", the early twins "tt03", the late twins "tt05", or the Economy program "Econ" (for improved fuel mileage).   The twin turbos (twins) program fuels more at lower boost in order to help spool the turbo up faster.  It is not just for twin turbos, but is for any bigger turbo.  The standard program goes to full fueling at 32 psi boost.  There are 2 versions of the twins program.  The late "tt05" twins program for the 04-1/2 to 06 Dodge goes to full fueling at 24 psi boost, and the early "tt03" twins program for the 03 to 04 Dodge goes to full fueling at 12 psi boost.  The 03 to 04 Dodge twins program will work on a 04-1/2 to 06 Dodge, but there may be excessive smoke.  The Economy program "Econ" maximizes for fuel economy rather than for power.  All trucks and drivers are different, so you will have to experiment to find the best Power and Torque Enhancement settings for you.  Start with P=2 and TE=0 and try a few combinations up to P=3 and TE=3.