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Smarty 03-07 5.9 Common Rail Tuner

Smarty Common Rail Tuner
Your Price: $685.00
Item Number: SMARTY CR
Manufacturer: TST Products, Inc



*Inside U.S. Only




    Smarty  REVOlution software

For the first time the Cummins engine performance tuning software can be customized directly by the
With the Smarty S-06 and S-04 this becomes reality.   The first one in the industry !!!
The Revolution starts here…

What has changed?
At first glance not too much…  Smarty’s update file now contains all truck models from 2003 to 2007
for the Dodge Cummins 5.9L Common Rail.  The new software update is smaller in size than the
previous ones, so it takes less time to update Smarty.
The new update is perfectly compatible with the previous firmware versions.
It is still possible to download into the truck a ready-to-use performance software , just like today. You
do not need to become a rocket scientist to tune your truck, Smarty will do it for you.
Yet , over time your truck’s needs may ( or better worded WILL ) change and you need to adapt the
tuning software to these changes.  

Today, this becomes reality!
When you enter the “ECM update“ menu on Smarty you will find a newly added chapter:
“Adjust Options“.
Once entered, this menu allows you to choose among several items and levels of customization.

The items are :

  • Speed-limiter
  • RPM Limiter***
  • Shift limiter***
  • Torque Management levels
  • Injection timing
  • Rail Pressure
  • Wastegate

The levels are :

    From 25 to 250 mph in one mile increments

RPM Limiter***

    # 0 - Stock
    # 1 - 4000 RPM

Shift Limiter***

    # 0 - Stock (On)
    # 1 - Off  ( also shift light indicator will be turned off )

Torque Management

    # 0 - Default
    # 1 - Stock
    # 2 - Mild
    # 3 - Moderate
    # 4 - Wild ( aftermarket clutch / AT Transmission recommended )

Injection Timing

    # 0 - Default
    # 1 - Stock
    # 2 - for stock injectors
    # 3 - for aftermarket Injectors ( less advanced than # 2 )
    # 4 - for fuel economy ( more timing advance than level # 2 )

Rail pressure

    # 0 - Default
    # 1 - Stock
    # 2 - Mild
    # 3 - Moderate
    # 4 - Wild (aftermarket injectors recommended)

Wastegate ( for 2004.5 and up trucks only )

    # 0 - Stock (On)
    # 1 - Off  ( for aftermarket turbo )

The above descriptions are for the REVO standard software.

How does it work?
If you prefer the Smarty standard software configuration, simply skip the “Adjust Options” menu and
choose the CaTCHER level you prefer, as in previous Smarty software.
If you want to change the default setting of any (or all…) of the customizable items, you can enter the
“Adjust Options” menu, navigate with the “ > “ and “ < “ keys to the item you want to customize and
enter your choice.  Done!  Smarty will do the rest.
At the end of the items list, Smarty will store your selections in its memory.  In this way, your preferred
selections will be applied every time you program your truck.
As a simple example, if you set the Speed-limiter to “100”, Smarty will always use that value for all
ECM updates.  That’s, until you change the value again or return Smarty back to stock.

The REVO update is available in the
download page

*** Available, for fully prepared engines, with the TNT-Revo *** Learn More


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